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Commercial Air Conditioner Repair in Johannesburg and Pretoria – Commercial A/C Services

TecAir Air provides services not only for residential climate control but also to the commercial mechanical services industry.

Our services range from the initial design of systems, installation and commissioning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as the repair, service and maintenance of existing equipment.

Air conditioning is a must in any business, for the comfort of your workers as well as for the protection of computer equipment; it ensures that you can keep your business running at optimal operational capability.

Whether you need a small system or a large industrial solution, you can be sure we will find the perfect fit for your unique needs. We work with a range of commercial clients on projects covering office buildings, retail, hospitality, schools and universities, as well as more specialised spaces such as data centres.

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Products and Installations

Commercial HVAC Units

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems cover everything from your air conditioner at home to the large systems used in industrial complexes. We are adept at installing setups for large industrial buildings, office blocks and large warehouses. These systems control not only the air temperature but also humidity, moderating both with air taken from outside the building.

Ceiling Cassettes Johannesburg & Pretoria

Commonly chosen for small- to medium-sized office buildings, ceiling cassettes are installed into the ceiling, meaning they blend well with the look of the room, Ceiling cassettes allow for multiple independent units, similar to VRV systems, that can be run independently or all at once depending on your needs.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

These systems can switch between heating and cooling and are cost-effective solutions. Ducted systems can be installed in multiple rooms and turned on individually or all at once. They also help to filter out air contaminants such as dust, so are well suited for those with respiratory issues or in spaces with specific health and safety requirements.

Evaporative Coolers

Conventional air conditioning works by taking the air that is already inside of your building and passing it through a fan coil that cools it down, before delivering it back into the room.

Evaporative cooling, on the other hand, cools the air by evaporating water. Because of this technique evaporative cooling devices are perfect for office environments and large, open spaces.

The benefits of evaporative cooling are that it uses significantly less power, which translates to savings on utility bills. Evaporative coolers are also safe for the environment, as they don’t use CFCs, and therefore do not release any harmful compounds into the atmosphere which cause damage to the ozone layer, unlike traditional refrigerants.

VRV reverse cycle systems

VRV systems are a large capacity multi indoor unit solution, were multiple indoor units such as ducted , cassette and wall hung indoor units are all connected to a single large condensing unit. Each indoor unit has its own control panel and thermostat so individual temperature control can be achieved as required. VRV systems are very efficient and keep running costs to a minimum.

Wall split systems

Wall split systems are another common type of air conditioning unit that can heat or cool single rooms. These ductless systems consist of a wall-mounted indoor unit connected to an outdoor compressor. This is a common choice because of the system’s look, ease of installation/removal and its low operating noise level.

Wall split systems may be used where there are many rooms that need different temperature settings, such as data centres, server rooms, or rooms containing sensitive equipment.

Multi-head systems

Multi-head split systems consist of one outdoor unit that is connected to multiple indoor wall units. Each unit can be individually controlled and set to the desired room temperature. These systems can support up to 14 units in some cases.

  • Air con split installs
  • Repair all ducted and split air cons
  • Refrigerant pressure and level check
  • Compressor and fan operation
  • Condition of electrics
  • Indoor/outdoor air temperatures
  • Condensation drain blockages
  • Adjust thermostat accuracy
  • Evaporative air conditioner repairs & service
We also provide high-quality servicing for evaporative air conditioners, including:
  • Cleaning sump and pads
  • Checking electrics and control points
  • Checking for water leaks and flow
  • Inspecting the dropper and flashing for leaks
  • Removal of all scum and build-up
  • Testing fan and pump flow rates

  • Other Services
    • Cool rooms
    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers
    • Installations

    Air conditioning servicing for units of all shapes and sizes At TecAir, we have more than 20 years’ experience working with air conditioning systems from the most popular brands in South Africa. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that servicing is essential when it comes to maximizing the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

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