Air Conditioning Maintenance


Did you know. On an average day, you take about 17,280 breaths. This wouldn’t be an issue if we didn’t spend 90% of our time indoors exposed to air conditioning. We also operate also around Krugersdorp and surrounding areas Please note that we also operate in Weltevreden Park

Put another way, there are over 17,280 opportunities a day to breathe dirty air which has airborne harmful bacterium, virus, germs, or other microorganisms that can cause disease.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Do you need an air conditioner repair?

Is your air conditioner noisy, dripping or not getting cool? You need to call TechAir, the experts in air conditioner repairs and maintenance. Our air conditioning company has a team of qualified technicians throughout Johannesburg and the Pretoria with a wealth of experience in all types and brands of air conditioners. Whether it is a split system or ducted; Mitsubishi or Daikin, we can repair them all.

Repair or replace your air conditioner?

Older air conditioning units which have nit been effectively maintained present some difficult decisions. Occasionally, depending on the type of issue, it may be more cost effective to replace the air conditioning system than it is to fix it. Our air conditioning technicians can provide expert advice on the most cost-effective solution to your air conditioning problems; both over the long-term as well as short-term.

TechAir maintenance

100% Non-toxic cleaning for your family's safety

Our air con anti-bacterial flush is non-corrosive and assured to combat a range of airborne contaminants, reduce mould, mildew, and fungi, and destroy 99.9% of bacteria that build up in air conditioners with time. It is non-toxic and safe for household and commercial use.

5 star service

We provide unmacted 5 star service to all our clients

Professional Workers

Our skilled team will do its best to deliver best services

6 Months Waranty

We have a six months warantee on service and parts

Save Money

As part of our air conditioner servicing, we’ll even check the batteries on the remote control – and replace them if necessary, leaving your air-conditioning unit, ducted or split system operating at its very best. Call us now to book your service and be surprised by the ACC healthy air difference.

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Free Estimates on Complete System Replacement

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